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Personal Information

Hi, my name is Kaki Claire Neck.

I was born on June 18, 1985 in Monroe, Louisiana.

I am the youngest of six children.

I am the daughter of Tommy and Susan Neck.

Our family started the largest cookie company in Louisiana known as Jack's Cookie Company.

The company has our own line of cookies , but we also distribute other line of cookies all over the world. We distribute cookies such as Famous Amos, Murray, and Keebler .  I am very proud of our family company and hope to be an active partner in the company in the near future.

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I began my high school career at Ouachita High School in Monroe, Louisiana.  I was blessed to be born a true athlete so I carried my talents to high school with me to play three sports where I was able to be the captain of all three sports.  Throughout high school I played tennis, softball, and basketball.  I was an honor roll student throughout my high school years and won numerous awards in the sports that I participated in.  I plan to graduate college at LSUS and major in Strength and Conditioning so I will be able to pursue my career by being a strength coach at the collegiate level.


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Interests and Hobbies

My interests and hobbies include:  being active in my youth group at First Baptist Church, going shopping at the mall, spending time with my family and friends, and watching Monday Night Football.  I also enjoy spending time with the handicap, my goal in life is to put a smile on other peoples face.  I enjoy spending time with handicap people because I realize how lucky we are and I appreciate the little things that life offer more when I see how less fortunate that I could be in life.


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Awards & Accomplishments

( I am proud of the things that I have done so far in life, I would like to share a couple of awards that I was presented with throughout my high school career.)



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Cool Sites

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